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Use the Denman Classic half-round brush to add volume and achieve a perfectly smooth and polished finish. To create a perfect shiny bob with a clean curve, roll the brush under the hair. With the dryer pointing downwards, work up from the nape of the neck.


Shampoo the hair. Then towel it dry. Apply your styling product to the wet hair. This could be gel, mousse or lotion. Divide the hair into:

  • horizontal sections, for one-length shapes
  • diagonal sections, for swept-back shapes

Remember that you will need to make more sections if you are working with long hair.


It is important to work cleanly. Always use clips with long hair and make sure that the top sections are clipped up properly. Otherwise the wet hair will fall down and get in the way of the section you are working on.

With short hair, you can start to blow-dry on any part of the head. With long hair, it is best to dry the underneath section first. To make sure you don’t burn your client’s hair or scalp, keep the hairdryer moving and hold it about 30cm from the hair. Lift the hair up and away from the root area to allow the hot air from your dryer to penetrate the roots. This will give you fullness and lift.

How much volume you build will depend on the shape that you want to achieve. To blow-dry the hair evenly, keep the brush moving along the shaft of the hair, working from the roots through to the ends. This will allow the hot air to pass at the same rate through the whole section.

Let the hair cool down before taking the brush away. Use the brush to direct the hair away from the head so that each section is dried from root to end. Make sure each section is fully dry before moving on to the next. 
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