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The correct way to hold scissors is by using your third finger. If you use your index or middle fingers, you do not give enough support to the scissor blades.

To make sure you don’t stab yourself with the scissors when you are using your comb, you should always ‘palm’ them. This means simply taking your thumb out of the handle. Scissors should feel comfortable in your hands. They should become an extension of your fingers.

Practice holding them as often as you can. These are the tools that could earn you a good living. When you are cutting, only the top blade of the scissors should be moving and you should be moving only your thumb, not your fingers. This can take a while to get used to.

The following exercise will help:

Hold your scissors correctly, then turn your hand so that your thumb is at the bottom and your palm is facing away from you. Now try to open your scissors. Only your thumb is able to move. This is how it should feel when you are working your scissors.

Scissors and comb

You should be able to hold both your scissors and comb together in one hand and have your scissors palmed. At first, this can feel awkward and uncomfortable but, with practice, it will get much easier. There are two ways to hold or 'palm' your scissors and comb; you can use either.   

  • Take your thumb out of the scissor handle, let the blades drop downwards and grip the scissors with your little finger. Your comb should point upwards with one end sitting in the palm of your hand.
  • Again, take your thumb out of the scissor handle but keep the blades pointing upwards and the handle against your palm. Grip your comb between your thumb and index finger.
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