Obstructions to hair fall

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An obstruction is anything that affects the natural fall of the hair: ears, shoulders, curve of the back.

Before deciding on a hairstyle, make a note of your client's body size and shape, and the way they hold their body. All these characterstics will influence your choice of style. For example:

  • on a large person, a fussy hairstyle can be unflattering and a short haircut can appear out of proportion
  • on a tall person, a hairstyle with lots of height may may make them appear too tall
  • on a short person, a flat hairstyle will make them look shorter

Look at the shape of your client's shoulders and the way their back curves. Both these charactersitics have an important influence on the overall look of your finished hairstyle. If your client has rounded shoulders or back, avoid using a rounded hairstyle. Choosing a style that has length will help you achieve a more balanced look.

Your choice of style will also be affected if your client has:

  • glasses - choose a style that keeps the hair off their face
  • large ears or a hearing aid - choose a style that brings the hair over their ears