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Round brushes can be metal or wood. There are three different round brushes you can use:

  • large
  • medium
  • small

Metal round brushes

You will use metal brushes to create a bend or movement in your haircuts. The metal in these brushes retains the heat of the blow-dryer, locking it into the hair. The heat smoothes the cuticle of the hair and allows you to create curl and movement much more quickly. Metal brushes can work like heated rollers and help you to create more shapes on short and medium-length hair.

Wooden round brushes

Wooden brushes come in different types and sizes. The brush you choose will depend on the style you want to create. For a full, straight, soft result, use a large round brush. For bounce and curl, use a small round brush. Some stylists prefer to use only wooden brushes.

Natural bristle is the best type to use – you could try the popular natural boar bristle. Plastic bristles can burn the hair and the bristles tend to wear out more quickly. Wooden round brushes will help you to:   

  • stop hair going frizzy, by smoothing the cuticle;
  • prevent split ends;
  • avoid tangling, whatever the length of the hair; and
  • stimulate the scalp’s natural emollients, helping your clients to maintain healthy hair and scalp. 
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