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Blow-drying equipment


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Hairdryers come in many shapes, with different speeds and powers. Professional dryers start from 1,800 watts and go up to 3,000 watts.

Small hairdryers are good for short or fine hair. Bigger and more powerful ones are for thick or long hair.

The hand-held dryer

This is your most important piece of equipment. Your hairdryer should have adjustable speeds and temperatures. It should be light and easy to use and the controls should be easy to reach. A hairdryer will usually have three controls:

  • Speed
  • Heat
  • Cool


Depending on the size of your hairdryer, you will have either two or three speed switches. Always try to control the speed; it will help you to achieve a better result.

1. Fast – can be used to take out excess moisture before you start to blow-dry.

2. Medium – can be used to achieve the shape of your cuts

3. Slow – can be used to set the shape of your haircuts


1. Cool – to set the shape

2. Medium – to control the shape

3. Hot – to dry the hair into shape

Hair-dryer attachments


The nozzle is used to help concentrate the flow of hot air onto a specific area of the hair. The hot air is directed through the nozzle, which makes it a particularly effective tool because it gives you more control over your blow-drying.


A diffuser is attached to your hairdryer and distributes an even flow of hot air through a set of vents. You can use it to create a soft, casual curl or give movement to your finished haircuts.