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With a diffuser, you can achieve root lift and define curly hair. Diffusers come in different sizes. They fit on the end of your hairdryer and help you to control the heat and direct it onto the hair.

Scrunch drying using a diffuser

This blow-drying technique will give you a casual, ruffled effect. There is no brush involved, just the large, round diffuser, which has special vents to put heat and air into the hair without blowing it out of place.


1. Remove excess moisture from the hair using a towel. If the hair is long, it is better to section it off, starting at the nape.

2. Run your fingers through the hair and lift it up from the scalp. As you lift the hair, grip it firmly. Just before you close your grip, direct the heat from your hairdryer onto your hands. Hold the hair firmly and continue drying.

3. Once the heat from your hand has cooled, release the hair. You should start to see the effect straight away.

4. Use your mirror to check the shape of the hair. This is important to make sure you are getting the right effect.

5. Repeat the process of blow-drying, gripping the hair and lifting the sections to increase the volume and achieve the shape.

6. Work from side to side, making sure each section is dry before moving on to the next.