NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing

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Complete list of units - Level 2

To achieve a Level 2 each candidate must complete the 8 mandatory units, optional units achieving a minimum of six credits.


Mandatory Units

G20 (001) Make sure your own actions reduce risks to health & safety

(4 Credits)


G17 (012) Give Clients a positive impression


G7 (013) Advise and Consult with Clients


GH8 (014) Shampoo, Condition and Treat the Hair and Scalp


GH9 (015) Change Hair Colour


GH10 (016) Style and Finish Hair


GH11 (017) Set and Dress Hair


GH12 (018) Cut Hair Using Basic Techniques


Optional Units

G4 (019) Fulfil salon reception duties


G18 (020) Promote Additional Services to clients


G8 (021) Develop and Maintain your effectiveness at work

 GH13 (022) Plait and Twist Hair


GH14 (023) Perm and Neutralise Hair


GH15 (024) Attach Hair to Enhance a style


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