NVQ/SVQ Level 3 in Hairdressing

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To acheive a Level 3 each candidate must complete the 4 mandatory units, plus 5 optional units achieving a minimum of 37 credits across at least 5 units, but no more than one of those marked. The resources below are suggested to aid and support your learning and teaching within your college/course.


Download our useful course sheet below (.PDF):


Mandatory Units

G22 (036)  Monitor procedures to safely control work operations

(4 credits)


* G18 (020) Promote additional services or products to customers 

(6 credits)

* Resources available within this section can be used for VRQ unit UV20492: Promote products and services to clients in a salon.


G21 (037) Provide hairdressing consultation services

(3 credits)


GH16 (038) Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques

(8 credits)


Optional Units

GH17 (039) Colour hair using a variety of techniques

(12 credits)


GH18 (040) Provide colour correction services (Lv4)

(13 credits)


GH19 (041) Creatively style and dress hair

(4 credits)


GH20 (042) Creatively dress long hair

(5 credits)


GH21 (043) Develop and enhance your creative hairdressing skills

(5 credits)

  • No resources currently available


GH22 (044) Create a variety of permed effects

(8 credits)


GH23 (045) Provide creative hair extension services

(8 credits)

* G11 (046) Contribute to the financial effectiveness of the business

(4 credits)

  •  No resources currently available


*G19 (047) Support customer service improvements

(5 credits)


GH24 (059) Provide specialist consultation services for hair and scalp conditions (Lv4)

(5 credits)

  • No resources currently available


 GH25 (060) Provide specialist hair and scalp treatments (Lv4) 

(7 credits)


* H32 (048) Contribute to the planning and implementation of promotional activities

(5 credits)



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