Long Graduation: Step by Step 12: Bring The Hair Forward

You are here:Long Graduation: Step by Step 12: Bring The Hair Forward

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Long gradution step 12As you work back towards the central point at the back of the head, bring the hair forward to meet the guideline at the front.

Notice the position of the stylist's fingers. Keep the angle of your fingers the same from when you cut your first section through to the end of your haircut. This way you will create minimum graduation on your cutting line.

To ensure that the hair is longer at the back, draw the back hair forward onto your front guideline.

Because you have already cut your back guideline, you will not be cutting much off as you work your way through the back of the hair. Check the balance of your cut again.


Graduation allows the hair to turn under and brush away from the face. The distance the hair travels to the guideline dictates the length of your cut. A short distance will give you a short cut, a long distance a long cut.


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