Reducing Risks: Step 16 - Rectifying health and safety risks

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It is good practice for employers to provide first aiders with a book in which to record incidents that require their attendance. If there are several first aid persons in one establishment, then a central book will be acceptable. If you have to deal with an incident, you should record the following information:

  • date, time and place of incident
  • name and job of injured/sick person, and contact details
  • details of the injury/illness and what first aid was given
  • what action was taken immediately afterwards, for example, did the person go home, go to hospital? Was he or she taken in an ambulance?
  • name and signature of the first aider or person dealing with the incident.


This record book is not the same as the statutory accident book, although the two might be combined. The information kept can help the employer identify accident trends or patterns and improve on safety risks. It can also be used to judge first aid needs assessments. It may also prove useful for insurance and investigative purposes.


Salon accident/incident report

This form should be filled in by the first aider/staff member responsible for dealing with the accident/incident. It should be completed as soon as possible after the accident/incident.


Accident procedures

Accidents happen, even to the most careful of people. In the event of an accident in the salon, stay calm and follow the salon’s accident procedures.


You should be aware of all possible risks in all aspects of salon life, including:

  • preparation of area
  • unpacking stock
  • clearing up of area
  • dealing with stock/equipment/products
  • putting stock away/taking stock out of storage.


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