Reducing Risks: Step 17 - Health and safety suggestions

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The salon should provide lockable staff storage, filing cabinets or similar so that personal belongings can be locked away. Handbags and purses are always vulnerable to the opportunist thief, who may come in unnoticed off the street and leave with someone’s valuables. If your salon does not provide somewhere secure for your belongings, you could suggest this at your staff meeting.


Staff should be discouraged from bringing large amounts of cash into work and from wearing expensive jewellery if it has to be removed during treatments and is therefore vulnerable to loss or theft.


Carry out banking of money from the till at different times of the day and do not keep too much money in the till at any one time. Removing large amounts of takings from the salon into a bank or night deposit should be done daily. Avoid taking the same route to the bank at the same time of day. Someone may be watching!


Be aware of suspicious packages left unattended

  • inform a supervisor and, if necessary, call the emergency services. The salon should have a list of telephone numbers by the phone in case of emergency, such as the local police station, or security guardroom
  • �his will save time when it really counts.


Do not allow yourself to be unprotected

  • do not leave outside doors open when working in the salon, do not leave the till draw open, do not be naive enough to think that it could not happen to you! If unsure, seek professional advice from the local police station or crime prevention officer for personal safety hints, for staff and clients.


As a professional stylist, do not allow yourself to become a victim

  • follow your professional guidelines.


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