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Hairdressing is part of the fashion industry and the image you portray should reflect this. However, your personal appearance should always combine safety with professionalism. For example, high-heeled shoes are not only uncomfortable after a day’s standing but also not particularly stable to walk in and open-toed sandals will not protect the toes from damage, spillage or impact injury. Shoes should be smart but essentially comfortable.


  • Do not wear dangling jewellery which may be a hazard.
  • Avoid stooping and slouching, which will prevent back problems occurring.
  • Hairdressers often have arms and shoulders raised when cutting, perm winding, and setting. This awkward and unnatural posture often leads to hairdressers becoming round shouldered and in old age can lead to a hunched back. It is important to learn to stand with good posture while working to prevent this from occurring.
  • Evenly distribute body weight by standing with both feet slightly apart
  • this will prevent accidents and body damage.
  • Always wear the correct protective clothing to shield a uniform.
  • Always wear gloves when using chemicals or if there is a possibility of coming into contact with body fluids.
  • Always follow the correct disposal regulations for waste materials.
  • If a salon provides a uniform as part of a corporate image, wear it with pride!
  • Your hair should not interfere with any treatment you carry out to avoid the possibility of cross-infection.
  • A high standard of cleanliness will ensure no cross-infection can occur:
  • Wash your hands between clients.
  • Keep your nails tidy.
  • Cover cuts or open wounds.
  • Do not attend work with an infectious disease.
  • Do not spread germs with a cold or flu.


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