Natural Inversion

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Of the diverse range of contemporary haircuts, the long graduation cut is one of the most popular. The shape is designed to maintain length, soften the hair and compliment the client’s face shape.


This haircut can be done using scissors or a razor and is suitable for straight and curly hair. It is also extremely versatile:

  • a layered shape may consist of a natural inversion
  • an outline graduation can be elevated for more softness or directed downwards for a heavier and more defined look

The natural inversion haircut is an extension to the curved graduation (have a look at this haircut, too). Like curved graduation, natural inversion is made up of a series of straight inward lines but these are on a much steeper angle.


This is a very popular look for long hair because it softens the line at the front area. It can also be used to add width to wavy and slightly curly hair. It can be achieved on any type of hair and most longer lengths.