Long Graduation

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This haircut first became popular in the 1970s. It brought new movement to long hair and revolutionised the way it was styled.


Long graduation allows you to create a soft, textured outline shape while still achieving height and volume on the top.


This haircut is still one of the most popular styles for long hair and it has developed to include variations in length, texture and movement. It can even be used to produce the straight, flat look that is fashionable today.


Almost all face shapes and hair textures are suited to long graduation because it is so adaptable. For example, for a client with a square face, you can create short layers on the top of the head to give it length. Or, if your cliens has a long face, you can shorten the overall length of the cut to make their face appear rounder.


Long graduation is an adaptable, flexible and useful cut and it is likely to be the one that you use most often.