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Conversations in colour
Colour creates an emotional movement in our minds brought about by the stimulation it provides. It is a powerful tool that humans have used throughout history to communicate passion, sensuality, power, identity, art and inspiration. Colour has an impact on us physically, heightening our energy or calming us, increasing or decreasing our focus and attention. Taking a conscious approach to colouring hair allows us to use colour effectively. The conversations that precede colour application provide insights and reveal ways of implementing the power of colour.

As colourists, our first conversation is usually with ourselves regarding a client in our chair and her haircolour. It may be a new client or one that we have seen many times. This inner conversation will allow us to sift through all the creative images in our mind and choose one that we will suggest to the client.

Another conversation begins with the client’s reaction to our idea, which may be excited anticipation or shadowed by past experiences that did not fulfill her expectations. As we clarify and come to understand the client’s wishes, the inner vision will adjust slightly to incorporate the ideas gleaned from this interchange.

Our senses are called into action as we analyse the hair to understand all the influences life has had on our canvas. The eyes see shine or dullness. The fingers feel the smooth or rough surface. As we converse with our senses, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and a course of action becomes clear.

Once we complete these conversations, we will see the true realisation of our art brought to life on our client’s hair. If we pay close attention to the conversations that take place, each colour application will be a learning experience as we blend the client’s personal needs with our own unique vision. On the next visit, the conversations in colour begin again. 
Jordan Burr
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales

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