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Proper preparation is vital when you are working with designs for long hair.On our model, we have chosen to pre-set the hair before dressing it. This has helped to create body at the roots of the hair and give a soft curl to the ends.The curl you choose depends on the style you are aiming for:

  • small rollers make tight curls that give hair movement
  • large rollers produce loose curls, making the hair wavy rather than curly


Always check the density and texture of your client’s hair before you start work. Depending on its density and texture, it is sometimes better for hair not to be too clean. For example, long hair that is fine has more hold when it is not clean. This makes it is easier to work with. If you shampoo the hair before you start to work with it, it will become soft and ‘fly-away’.


Long hair is heavy. It is important to distribute the shape of the hair evenly over the head before you start work. It is then much easier to secure the hair with pins and grips.

Using the right tools is essential. For a horizontal roll, you will need:

  • A tail comb
  • A pin comb – this is the best tool to use when you are placing the hair
  • An Insis brush - made with natural boar bristle, this brush creates shine and gives more grip on the hair.
  • Hair spray – aerosols are most effective on long hair because they give a fine mist and don’t make the hair wet.
  • Pins – you will used these to secure the pleat or fold
  • Grips – these are used to secure sections


You should not be able to see any pins or grips on the finished style.

Jordan Burr
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales

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