The Fundamentals: Step 7 Exercise 1 - Monochromatic colour

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Pure Colour, Pure Art, Pure Power

Monochromatic Colour is colour in its purest form. When you see the way it reflects light, you’ll be captivated by its visual power. In this exercise, you’ll apply colour to virgin hair at the same level as the natural hair or darker. You will learn to achieve even colour with precision, consistency, rhythm and speed.

Art is mostly a matter of seeing. Rex Brandt

Colour Space
Shafts and Ends
4 Sections
1/4 inch Subsections
Depth Light or Dark

Colour Bowl
2 Colour Brushes
Measuring Cup
Styling Comb


Loading the brush:
Pick up formula from the edge of the product in the bowl. Slide the brush up the bowl toward you, leaving the inside surface clean. Precise pick up of formula will assure precise placement.

Size depends on hair
density. Subsections that are too deep or inconsistent result in spotty and uneven colour.

Precise brushwork at the scalp develops rhythm... and rhythm leads to speed. Make four brush-strokes then reload. Apply to both sides of the section, using both sides of the brush.

Brush colour gently on the hair. A heavy brush-stroke will remove colour and the hair won’t be completely saturated.

Step by step

1. Assess the hair. On clean, dry hair, part from the centre of the forehead to the centre of the nape. Part from the top of the head to the top of the ear on both sides, creating quadrants. Clip each section for control.

2. Loading the brush: Load a 1/2 inch bead of colour formula across the entire end of the brush.

3. Outline the quadrant partings, then apply to hairline starting at the face and moving over the ears to the nape. Work from the scalp to 1/2 inch out. Overlap the part slightly to ensure complete saturation.

4. Scalp application: Start application on one of the back sections or where hair is most resistant. Part a 1/4 inch subsection with the tail of the applicator brush.

5. Apply colour with precise brush-strokes from the scalp to exactly 1/2 inch out. Overlap the partings to ensure saturation. Continue this method through the four sections. Complete both back sections then move to the front. Check your application.

6. Shafts and ends: Return to a back section. Pick up a 1/2 inch subsection in the upper area. Load your brush, using the same method as before. But this time pick up as much colour as needed to thoroughly saturate the ends without dripping off the brush (up to 1 inch).

7. On shafts and ends, apply colour with two or three brush strand. Now, apply colour on the opposite side of the strand. Reload the brush as needed. Maintain rhythm and precision. Work colour through with your gloved hand. Continue through all four sections.

8. Lift the hair away from the scalp so the colour can develop evenly.
Set the timer for 30 minutes.
Rinse and shampoo.


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