The Fundamentals: Step 8 Exercise 1 - C.R.A.F.T. Challenge

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X-treme precision, rhythm, speed
This C.R.A.F.T. Challenge builds precision, rhythm and speed. In 3 1/2 minutes, your mission is to complete one section. But not just any section. A masters section. Scalp area only.
Every subsection exactly 1/4 inch deep.
Loading the brush:
every bead of product exactly 1/2 inch wide.
inside edge of bowl always clean.
no product falling from brush.
Building rhythm: Just four strokes of the brush - two up and two down.

Take your mannequin, your timer and tools. Try a few practice strokes first to get a feel for your moves. The subsections, the product, the strokes - that’s the choreography of an application. Then go for the whole section. It’s a juggling act with a beat. Be patient with yourself but know you’re building your skills... and with them your success.

Creativity has to do with inner life - with the flow of new ideas and strong feelings. Oliver Sacks

Exercise 1
Perfect Monochromatic Colour is consistent from scalp to ends. No bands. No spotty areas. A master can complete the application in 15 minutes.

Jot down your ideas and insights. How did you feel as you were doing the Exercise? The Challenge? What is perfect Monochromatic colour? What can get in the way of creating it? What changes will you make in the way you colour hair tomorrow?


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