Perm and neutralise hair: Step 4 - Directional perm winding

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1.Apply barrier cream to the area just below the hairline, taking care not to apply it to the hair.

2.Apply a pre-perm treatment to the hair to protect any hair that has been chemically treated.

3.Using three curlers of various sizes, process the hair and evaluate the results.

4.Apply re-arranger to re-growth area only (if hair has been chemically treated). Apply to all the hair if not. Crosscheck to ensure an even application. Allow to process.

5.Rinse thoroughly to remove the rearranger and towel dry the hair. Apply curl lotion (pre-damping) to the areas that have been permed and wind the curlers into the direction of the required style.

6.Allow the perm to process (following manufacturer’s instructions)

7.Unwind a curler approximately oneand-a-half turns and push the hair forward towards the scalp allowing it to relax into an S’ shape. Test the hair in different areas.

8.Rinse thoroughly according to manufacturer’s instructions to remove the perm lotion. Remove excess water by blotting dry using either a towel or cotton wool. Apply neutraliser to each curler and allow to process according to manufacturer’s instructions.

9.Remove curlers taking care not to overstretch the hair. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of neutraliser and apply conditioner. Apply after-care products to moisturise hair and activate curls. Style as required.

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